It’s an open secret that a person’s behavior at work as an individual can impact their work performance, interaction with other team members, and ultimately the team’s results. Thus, it is important to have a strong culture within an organisation, by developing high performing employees with sound behavioral attitudes.


This workshop is designed to increase employee performance, commitment, confidence, teamwork and involvement towards achieving goals. Participants will be able to learn and acquire the required tools and skills to work as an individual as well as a team to improve overall work satisfaction, performance and results.


Through this workshop, participants would be involved in numerous activities to experience and understand how individual behaviors can impact work performance and how with sound behavioral development can lead to a sound culture of excellence.

Here is what the previous participants had to say:

“Able to identify differences that exists among people in work situations and how I should resolve it towards achieving excellence in my career.” Abdul Gaffar, Officer, Regional Commercial Bank.

“We moved away from the static hierarchical structure. Experiencing Grid helped our managers a lot, especially through the self-reflection and feedback process.” Dietrich Sturm, HR Director, Bosch Germany.

“My experience in China and Russia shows me that people everywhere have the same needs and attitudes toward the values of openness, critique, advocacy and integrity. The Grid is a truly international concept to help people to work toward these values and attain them.” Richard Illek, General Manager, Pepsico China Ltd.

Why is developing a culture of excellence important?

  • To maintain an organization’s image as employees are the face of a business and the public forms an opinion of the company based on employees’ conduct. The culture impacts everyone’s conduct from the leadership down to their front liners.


  • Inappropriate behavior at the office often creates work disruptions, distracting other employees and interrupting their workflow. This lost time is expensive for the employer as well as the individual. A Harvard Business Review article reported that researchers at Michigan State University found that workplace incivility costs employers approximately $14,000 per employee due to loss of productivity and work time.


  • Employees who behave inappropriately often miss opportunities for learning, promotions and synergistic contributions towards organizational results.

This workshop will be conducted by Mohd. Faizal Dato’ Mohd Din, the Regional Managing Partner from Grid International Sdn Bhd. Grid is a world authority on human behavior in organizations and a leader in developing outstanding relationships within an organisation that drive exceptional performance.  Over the past 37 years, Grid International Sdn Bhd has supported the development of over 80 organizations within this region including 21 financial institutions.



  • Gain a specific understanding of how behaviors impact results and shape team norms

  • Increase confidence to contribute and support team members

  • Build stronger commitment towards the team and organizational results

  • Strengthen relationships based on mutual trust and respect

  • Empower participants with practical skills in self-evaluation.

  • Develop concrete and measurable plans for implementation once they return to the job

  • Identify and develop improvement strategies for overcoming problems and resolving conflicts at the workplace



Clarifying Grid Concepts

This activity gives participants an opportunity to share their convictions and values with team members and begin developing a team culture by working together on specific tasks.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of the Grid concepts by matching the different styles with behaviors commonly displayed within the workplace, gaining a greater appreciation of how various behaviors can impact other team members and team results.


Post Mortem Critique

This activity requires teams to evaluate the process and behaviors involved during their discussions and to experience the value of using critique to study how behaviors impact results and shape team norms.

Participants examine how effectively the team used all available resources from each team member and determine team’s success in overcoming barriers to sound teamwork.


Developing Soundest Solutions for Conflict

Dilemmas on workplace conflicts are studied during this module and team develop strategies for a soundest resolution which will then be presented to the teams for further discussion.


Recognizing How Behavior Impact Results

Team members collectively discuss ineffective behaviors commonly experienced in relation to a specific event and discuss the impact of the behaviors on results.


Personal Critique and Feedback

This activity looks at comparing soundest behaviors to actual by practicing to give and receive constructive critique and learn to experience the value of mutual trust, respect and candor for building a team culture of excellence.


Review of Learning

Participants review key learning points they have gained during the course of the seminar by developing individual operational and behavioral strategies to overcome barriers to sound standards of performance.


Early Bird Rate: MYR 1,950 (until 16th May 2018 only!)

Normal Rate: MYR 2,950

(All rates stated not inclusive of GST)

Closing Registration Date: 6th June 2018


Mohd Faizal Dato’ Mohd Din

Regional Managing Partner, Grid International Sdn Bhd

Faizal has more than 13 years of experience in human behavioral consulting. Upon joining Grid International Sdn Bhd, Faizal designed the implementation process using Grid solutions for a number of organizations undergoing transformation initiatives. He has also coached in-organization Department Heads to serve as Corporate Instructors and ensure the transformation initiatives’ sustainability within the organization. These organizations include Direct Financial Institutions, Co-Operative and Commercial Banks, Ports and State Agencies whereby he has worked closely with multi-levels from clerical and executive staffs up to top management teams within an organization.

Further to his responsibilities of overseeing the Regional operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia, Mohamad Faizal is the principal representative within his region and frequently engages with other partners around the globe on the basis of research and development and strategic development of the Grid network.

Faizal is currently a member of the International Society for Organizational Development (USA) and also appointed by University Science Malaysia (USM) to be one of their CEO’s In Residence in which he frequently gives talks to students and lecturers on a variety of subjects related to Corporate Culture and jointly conducts research work in Organization Development with USM’s Researchers.

Upon being appointed as the Managing Partner in 2012, he initiated the setup of Grid International (Pte. Ltd.) in Singapore to strengthen the Grid’s development activities regionally.

Faizal graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia) with a Bachelor in Business (Management) majoring in international management. He later pursued a Master of Commerce with Distinction and went on to complete his Master of Business Administration also from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia).

Led by Grid, a world authority on human behavior in organizations

Practical & Relevant

Individual & Team-Based Activities

Networking Opportunity with Fellow Professionals

Who Should Attend

  • Clerical and executive level employees who would like to learn more about tools and skills on how to improve performance at the workplace

  • Team leads or manager level employees who would like to learn more about how to lead their teams more effectively, strengthening the team relationships and boosting the teamwork spirit.

  • Human resource, training or organizational development professionals who would like to find out how to create and strengthen a culture of high performance and accountability at the workplace.

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